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Fred Starrh- Director

● Director of the San Joaquin Valley Quality Cotton Growers Association
● Advisor to National Cotton Council
● Founding past President and current board member of Farmers Cooperative Almond
    Huller, Inc.
● Director of Kern County Water Agency
● Director of California Farm Water Coalition
● Past Chairman and member of San Joaquin Valley Cotton Board
● ACWA Blue Print Task Force
● President of Cotton Council International
● Chairman of Cotton Incorporated
● Past President and Trustee for the Kern High School District -- 28,000 students
● Served as Chairman of Producers Steering Committee of National Cotton Council, 
    representing the American Cotton Producers during the drafting of the 1990 Farm Bill
● Past President of Kern County Farm Bureau
● Director of California Farm Bureau Federation
● Served as Chairman of California and American Farm Bureau Cotton Committees
● Vice Chairman of Cotton ATAC
● Cotton Agriculture Advisory Committee appointed by the Secretary of
   Agriculture Madigan and Ambassador Carla Hills
● Member of Cotton Marketing Committee
● Apointed by Secretary of Agriculture Madigan
● Past President of California Cotton Growers
● Trustee Richland School
● Founding President and member of Shafter Recreation District
● Vice Chairman of Calcot, Ltd.
● Ag Man of the Year – Shafter Chamber of Commerce   1975
● Agriculture Merit Award, Kern County Farm Bureau    1983
● California Farm Bureau Outstanding Leadership and    
    Distinguished Service Award   1985
● Phi Delta Kappa Layman of the Year    1988
● Farmer of the Year   1993
● Distinguished Service Award Sierra Service Center Council 
    CTA/NEA   1997
● Fred L. Starrh Performing Arts Center name in honor of 17
   years of service to the Kern High School District   2001
● Far West High Cotton Award   2004
● Co-op Farmer of the Year   2004
● For Distinguished Contributions to the Advancement of
   California Agriculture from the American Society of Agronomy   2004

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